Effective Heel Pain Treatment and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Calgary

Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic now offers state-of-the-art Class IV Laser for treatment of a wide variety of aches and pains, including:


Ligament sprains

Heel spur pain

Morton’s neuroma

Repetitive stress injuries

Plantar fasciitis


Sports injuries

What Is Laser Pain Therapy?


Laser pain therapy uses light energy from a laser to reduce pain and inflammation, speed up the healing process of damaged tissues, provide relaxation to the muscles, and stimulate nerve regeneration. Laser pain therapy is exceptionally effective in treating all kinds of acute heel pain. The wavelength and power of the laser beam determine the capacity of the laser to penetrate into the body. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we use laser therapy for foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis treatment and heel pain treatment in Calgary. Schedule an appointment today.


How It Works

Class IV Lasers are used to deliver laser light into the body in order to increase circulation, decrease swelling, reduce pain, and enhance tissue repair. The laser light increases metabolic activity in your body’s cells, which in turn draws nutrients and oxygen to the treated area, promoting healing and restoration of function.

For patients with chronic and acute pain, this treatment can be transformative.

Depending on your condition and symptoms, treatments can range from daily to two or three times a week, tailing off as your symptoms and pain decrease. Treatment usually takes less than 10 minutes. Improvement may be felt immediately, though it usually requires multiple treatments for a noticeable change.

Benefits of Laser Pain Therapy


Pain relief

Anti-inflammatory and healing properties

Faster tissue repair and vascular activity

Trigger and acupuncture points

Reduced fibrous tissue formation


Effectiveness and Side-Effects

Laser pain therapy has been in use for decades, and its efficacy has been recorded in thousands of published studies.

Side effects are very rare, and usually involve agitation of old injured areas.


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Effective and Painless Laser Therapy

With treatment procedures that last less than 10 minutes, painless laser therapy can help!