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We at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic understand how painful and bothersome ingrown toenails can be. An ingrown toenail occurs when the toenail grows and penetrates into the flesh around it. In most cases, bacteria enters into the skin and makes the issue worse, causing pain, swelling, and redness anywhere from the top to the base of the toe. It can disrupt your daily activities and can even force you to stop your routine runs or cancel social events. Our foot clinic in Calgary provides professional treatment for ingrown toenails so that you can live your life pain-free. When you come to us, we will inspect your toenail and help you deal with the issue painlessly. We will also advise you on ways to prevent the occurrence of ingrown toenails in the future and as you progress with healthy foot hygiene.


If you require treatment for your ingrown toenail in Calgary, please get in touch with us right away!

Causes of Ingrown Toenails

They are a common complaint because there can be various causes, such as:

Genetics: Certain people might be more prone to developing ingrown toenails based on their family history.

Trauma to the Toe: stubbing your foot or kicking a ball can cause ingrown toenails to develop.

      Improper cutting: Trimming your toenails too short is the most common cause of ingrown toenails.

Incorrect Shoes: Shoes and socks that are too tight and put heavy pressure on your feet can encourage the development of ingrown toenails.

Poor Hygiene: Poor foot hygiene, including keeping your feet wet over long periods, can contribute to the appearance of ingrown toenails.

Whatever the cause of your ingrown toenail, the team at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic will help you get rid of the problem efficiently and painlessly. Contact us to schedule your consultation with our doctors for solutions and treatments for ingrown toenails in Calgary.

Symptoms of Ingrown Toenails

Often, we continue to suffer from ingrown toenails without correctly identifying the cause. 


The following are some common symptoms to help you detect whether you have an ingrown toenail:

You feel the nail itself cutting (or growing) into the skin of your toe.

There is severe pain on the side of your toe.

There is swelling along the side of your toe.

There is pus in the affected region.

There are signs of infection in and around your toe.

If you’re dealing with any of the above symptoms, we advise you to book an appointment with us at our Calgary-based clinic immediately to treat the issue and prevent it from getting worse, more painful, and problematic.

Possible Complications

You might brush off the symptoms of an ingrown toenail and wait for them to disappear on their own. However, ignoring an ingrown toenail can not only aggravate the issue but lead to other, more severe problems. Some results of not treating your ingrown toenail are:

      Your skin and toe could get an infection, which can further enter your bloodstream and reach your bones.

      Infections can also cause ulcers and foot sores.

      You can be at risk of losing blood in the area.

Chronic ingrown toenails can cause deformities if not dealt with correctly.

      It can even lead to tissue death and decay.

    The consequences of an ignored ingrown toenail are particularly severe if you have diabetes, and even a minor issue can result in a serious infection.

When you have an ingrown toenail, it is important to get it inspected by a professional and get the right treatment. It doesn't naturally go away on its own in most cases and will require some sort of intervention. If you ignore it, you risk facing serious consequences. Please read our blog to learn more about the five long-term effects of ingrown toenails.

Benefits of Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Don’t suffer from embarrassment or pain any longer. Take advantage of the following benefits you’ll enjoy from seeing Dr. Russell:

The confidence of seeing a highly-trained, board-certified foot surgeon who has performed over 10,000 ingrown toenail surgeries with over 24 years of experience.

Know that you’ll receive peace of mind with a written guarantee against re-growth. This guarantee is unique to us. If the ingrown nail recurs, Dr. Russell will repeat the procedure at no additional cost.

Get in touch with Dr. Russell after hours via cell phone in the unlikely event you have a postoperative emergency.

Experience the convenience of same-day appointments that allow you to complete the procedure in just one visit.

Fees include the actual procedure, all follow-up appointments pertaining to the procedure, a written guarantee against re-growth, and easy phone access to Dr. Russell if necessary.

Relax in our comfortable office environment, knowing we employ strict sterilization protocols and use only the most technologically-advanced equipment.

Fast, Convenient, and Guaranteed Ingrown Nail Removal

The medical term for this condition is onychocryptosis. In many areas, including Calgary, ingrown toenails may be caused by improper trimming, inherited nail deformities, injuries, fungal infections, or pressure from poorly fitted shoes. Some ingrown toenails resolve on their own. Most often, however, they need medical attention. That’s where Dr. Russell comes in.

Call and book your appointment today so you can experience our superior attention to customer service and care.


"Very Pleased"

"I am very pleased with the service and care I have received from Dr Russell and his staff. Any time I have had an appointment, I am seen right away. He has helped me with my ingrown toenails, always answers questions thoroughly and is respectful and efficient. I would 10/10 recommend this clinic!!!"


-Sarah B

Frequently Asked Questions

We have treated hundreds of patients across Calgary and provided relief from painful ingrown toenails since 1998. Some of the most common questions we get asked by our patients are:

  • What Is the Process to Treat Ingrown Toenails?
    Depending on the severity of the infection, the doctor may trim a part or remove one side of your nail back to the cuticle. A disinfectant and chemical will be applied to the base of the nail to prevent that part from growing back. Serious infections may require antibiotics and removal of part of the toenail. This procedure can be performed at our clinic in Calgary, under local anesthetic to prevent pain.
  • How Can I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?
    It’s best to prevent getting ingrown nails in the first place by following a few basic steps like: Avoid cutting nails too short and cutting unevenly at the corners. Try to cut them straight across. Make sure your socks and shoes fit properly. You should be able to wiggle your toes easily in your shoes. Avoid trauma to the toe area. If you run, play soccer or other sports, try to go barefoot for an hour or two after playing.
  • Can I Treat an Ingrown Toenail At Home?
    You can treat your ingrown toenails at home if the problem is not too severe and doesn’t show any signs of infection, swelling, sensitivity, oozing or foul odour. You could try letting the nail grow out with proper care and the following steps: Soak it and wait. Soak your foot in warm water with Epsom salt or a mild detergent and apply an antibiotic ointment and bandage to the area after drying. Remove it yourself if there’s no infection. After soaking your feet in a very warm bath with Epsom salt, use clean nail-cutting tools to clip the affected area and apply antibiotic ointment when you’re done. Book your appointment at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic: Our podiatrist will help diagnose and treat an infected ingrown toenail with effective and relatively painless solutions.

Don't ignore an infected ingrown nail, as prolonged infection can spread and lead to serious complications. Especially if you suffer from poor blood flow, an impaired immune system, or diabetic neuropathy, it needs to be attended to at the earliest. We are always available in case you have any questions. Speak with our experts if you are dealing with any discomfort and check out our top tips for healthy and happy feet!

Suffering Because of Ingrown Toenails?

Get excellent treatment for ingrown toenails in Calgary by a qualified podiatrist.

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