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Informative Blog Posts About Happy Feet

We have a vast inventory of knowledge to share when it comes to feet. Despite being such an important part of our body, you may not know a lot about human feet and how to keep them healthy. Read our blogs for getting interesting insights on the topic and increasing your knowledge.

  • Digital 3D image of a pair of calves and feet, showing where achilles tendinitis occurs.
    What Is Achilles Tendinitis and How Can You Treat It?

    Achilles tendinitis is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide by causing pain in the feet and legs. Occasionally, this pain can become so harsh that daily tasks such as walking and bending down are difficult.

    The good thing is that there is a way to treat it. With the help of a podiatrist, Achilles tendinitis can be treated in almost no time with not much effort.

    Keep reading to learn more.


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  • Podiatrist applying heel pain treatment to a patient’s foot.
    Tips for Those Struggling With Heel Pain

    Heel pain is a common complaint and can cause sharp and stabbing pain in the heel area and on the sole of the foot. If you are suffering from chronic pain, one of the most likely causes is plantar fasciitis. Heel pain can be a debilitating injury that prevents people from leading a full and active life, including exercising.

    For the best heel pain treatment in Calgary, Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic is your number one choice. If you are experiencing discomfort in your heel area or suffer from plantar fasciitis, our team of experienced podiatrists is here to help. In this blog post, we will highlight some useful tips for those struggling with heel pain.


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  • 30/06/2021
    Five Long-Term Effects of Ingrown Toenails

    It's red, puffy, highly sensitive, and if left unchecked, can cause serious issues: the dreaded ingrown toenail.


    Ingrown toenails often occur for all types of individuals. More than three million cases of ingrown toenails arise every year. So, the chances are good that you or someone you know has had one recently or will have one soon enough. Prompt treatment of these ingrown toenails is of the utmost importance. Read on, and we'll tell you why.


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  • foot with Orthotics
    Best Method to Manage Arthritis in the Foot

    Do you find yourself complaining about your aching feet often? People over 60 have about 100,000 kilometres on their feet, which partly explains the ache.


    But wear and tear in the joints and bones of the feet can start as early as 30 years of age. That is why pain can take over any Canadian at a very early age through arthritis.


    Keep reading to see ways you can manage arthritis in your feet.   


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  • woman feeling pain after wearing heels
    Worst Types of Shoes for Your Feet and Why

    Beyond whether your footwear matches the outfit you're wearing, you might not put too much thought into what you put on your feet every day. But that can be a big mistake.

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  • plantar warts pain foot doctor calgary podiatrist
    Plantar Fasciitis 101

    Do you suffer from pain in your heel or the bottom of your foot?

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  • kids feet calgary foot doctor podiatrist
    Can Kids Wear Hand Me Down Shoes?

    If you’re a parent, you probably know how fast kids can grow out of their shoes and clothes.

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  • calgary foot doctor for children
    Should Your Child See a Calgary Foot Doctor?

    As a parent, it’s your job to make sure that your child is growing up strong and healthy.

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  • athlete with injured foot and ankle calgary podiatrist
    How Do I Avoid Sports Injuries to the Feet and Ankles?

    Whether you’re a serious athlete or you just play sports for fun, you’re at risk of injuring yourself.

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  • injured foot care from foot doctor in Calgary
    A Podiatrist or a Nail Salon?

    Many people only think of visiting a podiatrist when they’re having a problem with their feet.

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  • running shoes podiatrist Calgary
    5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Running Shoes

    If you’re a runner, you know that good shoes aren’t optional.

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  • close up of two feet
    5 Things You Should Know about Toe Spurs

    Most people don’t spend any time thinking about their toes. However, these important appendages play a big part in walking, standing, balancing and pretty much anything else you do on your feet. That’s why toe spurs are so debilitating.

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  • Shockwave Therapy applied to foot in Calgary
    Laser Pain Therapy 101

    At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we use a wide range of approaches and technologies to help our patients manage pain and regain their full range of movement.

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  • 27/09/2019
    Treatments for Common Ballet Foot Injuries and Problems

    Ballet is one of the most graceful art forms in Western culture, but the effect it has on your feet is anything but beautiful. When you regularly carry your body weight on just your big toes, you’re bound to have foot problems.


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  • A Calgary woman's pedicured and manicured feet and hands
    How To Spot A Clean Nail Salon

    As relaxing as they can be, some nail salons aren’t clean enough and can leave you with infections or even nail fungus along with your beautifying treatment. Here’s how to tell that the only thing you’ll get at your local Calgary nail salon is time for yourself and beautiful finger and toenails.

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  • A calgary resident's plantar wart
    What Are Plantar Warts And How Are They Treated?

    Plantar warts are growths that usually occur on the soles of your feet, although they can also appear on the top. Unlike other types of warts, these are often flat because the constant pressure of walking causes them to grow inwards. While they can be uncomfortable and sometimes ugly, plantar warts aren’t harmful.

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  • A Calgary resident about to slip on custom orthotic shoes
    Custom Orthotics: When to Consider Getting a Pair

    Foot pain is enough to ruin just about anybody’s day. If you suffer from this type of discomfort, custom orthotics prescribed by a professional podiatrist in Calgary may be just what you need. Here are three situations in which custom insoles can be of benefit.

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  • A Calgary woman's feet beside an orthotic insole
    What to Consider When Comparing Custom Orthotics with Store-Bought Orthotics

    If you suffer from foot, ankle or leg pain due to an injury, illness or foot deformity, you may already know that orthotic insoles can help relieve your discomfort. However, the products available at your local pharmacy may not be enough. In fact, to truly mitigate your pain, you may need custom orthotics prescribed to you by a Calgary foot doctor. Here’s what you should know.

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  • Close up of a Calgary hiker’s shoes on rocky ground
    How to Prepare Your Feet for a Pain-Free Hike

    Are you wondering how to keep your feet feeling good during a long day of hiking in the Rockies? Here are a few tips from the experts at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic in Calgary on what you can do to prepare your feet for your next trek.

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  • A Calgary skier adjusting their boots on the slopes
    How to Prepare Your Feet for Skiing or Snowboarding

    If you’re planning to hit the slopes this winter, ensure you take steps to prepare your feet for rigorous exercise in the extreme cold. Without proper foot care, winter sports can result in all kinds of foot ailments, including sprains, blisters, athlete’s foot and frostbite. We’ve put together a guide on how to prepare your feet for skiing and snowboarding so they stay warm and pain-free during the harsh Calgary winter.

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