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Your Calgary Podiatrist Will Help You Bid Goodbye to Painful Neuromas

Commonly called Morton's neuroma, this problem begins when the outer coating of a nerve in your foot thickens. This thickening is usually caused by irritation that results when two bones repeatedly rub together (often due to ill-fitting shoes or abnormal bone movement). The area between the third and fourth toe is the most commonly affected. The area between the second and third toe is another common irritation point. Nerve problems due to diabetes or alcoholism may also cause neuroma-like symptoms. If you need help with neuromas, feel free to get in touch with us in Calgary.

Symptoms of Neuromas

The pain from neuromas may start gradually, causing burning, tingling, cramping, or numbness. Symptoms often occur after you've been walking or standing for a long period of time. It might feel like you're stepping on a lamp cord. You may need to take your shoe off and rub your foot. In some cases, the pain radiates from the tip of the toes to the ankle.

Have a Painful Neuroma?

It’s time to see your trusted Calgary podiatrist and bid goodbye to pain.

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