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What is the Recommended Foot Care for Patients?

There is another saying that applies perfectly to foot care, regardless of your medical history: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whether you have diabetes or not, the following tips will help in maintaining the overall condition and health of your feet:

  • Wash your feet in warm water using mild soap on a daily basis

  • Thoroughly dry between your toes, patting your feet dry on top

  • Check for ingrown toenails, cuts, cracking skin, or blisters on the tops and bottoms of your feet

  • Avoid cutting your nails too short and make sure to file off any sharp edges

  • Apply a good foot moisturizer to dry heels and soles and avoid getting any lotion between your toes

  • Only wear clean socks and properly fitting shoes that don’t rub or pinch

  • Elevate your feet while sitting

  • Take a few minutes every day to wiggle your toes and move your ankles

  • Wear therapeutic footwear for optimum comfort

  • Contact our clinic if something seems amiss right away

What Things Should You Avoid in Your Daily Routine?

For every recommended good practice, there are seemingly just as many things we shouldn’t be doing. Alas, many of these “do nots” remain part of our daily routine, and may just end up making matters worse. These habits include:

  • Removing corns with over-the-counter products which are dangerous for people with diabetes

  • Wearing overly tight socks, shoes, or leggings

  • Walking around barefoot, even inside your home

  • Sitting for extended periods of time

  • Crossing your legs while sitting

  • Smoking

  • Ignoring potential problems (foot discolouration, redness, swelling, or pain in your calves)

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