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Best Method to Manage Arthritis in the Foot

foot with Orthotics

Do you find yourself complaining about your aching feet often? People over 60 have about 100,000 kilometres on their feet, which partly explains the ache.


But wear and tear in the joints and bones of the feet can start as early as 30 years of age. That is why pain can take over any Canadian at a very early age through arthritis.


Keep reading to see ways you can manage arthritis in your feet.   


See a Podiatrist

If you think you have arthritis or can't manage the pain in your feet on your own, the first thing to do is see a podiatrist. They will be able to guide you to the best option for you. 


Not only are they able to suggest medication, topical creams, and orthotic devices, but they can also help you understand if surgery could be an option for you.


Wear Supportive Shoes

Forget about wearing those high heels or pointed shoes for a while, at least until your feet don't ache so much. Focus on getting shoes that support your arch, ankle, and foot in the best possible manner.


They might not look fancy enough at work or on a day-to-day, but at least they will keep your feet healthy and strong. Also, ensure that your shoes are wide enough, so they don't press on any bunions, toe spurs, or calluses. 


Use Custom Orthotics

Some people with arthritis in their feet find extreme pain relief by taping their toes together. For others, getting custom orthotics helps as well. Orthotics can benefit those with various types of arthritis conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)

  • Posttraumatic Arthritis (PA)

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

  • Gout

Not only can orthotics help alleviate foot pain, but also fix any issues with the foot structure and enable you to use fewer medications for pain relief. Visit a podiatrist at least once a year to get feedback on how to adjust your orthotics to your changing feet and body. 


Get a Foot Massage

For short-term relief, sometimes a deep tissue massage is just what you need, especially if the massage extends into the depth of your feet. Other benefits include deswelling, increased mobility with your joints, and decreased tension on the point of pain.


Stay Active in Small Ways

If you are having a hard time being active because of your aching feet, try to find ways to keep your body moving without putting too much pressure on your feet. Try aquatic aerobics, or go for a walk in soft grassy areas. 


Don't go for walks that are too long, and watch your feet for any discomfort or pain. Stop immediately when you notice pain, and give your feet the rest they need.


Where to Start? 

Now that you have some options, the question becomes, what to do first? The best recommendation is to seek professional advice from a specialist. Our podiatrist in  Calgary has been helping patients with foot arthritis for over 20 years. Call to get one-on-one care for your pain management today.


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