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5 Things You Should Know about Toe Spurs

Most people don’t spend any time thinking about their toes. However, these important appendages play a big part in walking, standing, balancing and pretty much anything else you do on your feet. That’s why toe spurs are so debilitating.


Bone spurs, which are extra bits of bone, typically develop on joints when the body is trying to repair damage. Here are five things you should know about those that occur on the toes.


1.  They can be caused by arthritis. Arthritis can damage the cartilage that usually stops bones from rubbing together within the joint. Without this cartilage, the bones rub together, eventually causing a spur to grow.


2.  Repetitive stress or pressure can also be a cause. Toe spurs can also be caused by shoes that are too tight and pinch or squeeze the toes. Runners with abnormally high or low arches are also susceptible, especially if they roll their ankles in or out when they run, as this can causes the bones to rub against one another.


3.  There aren’t always symptoms. Bone spurs don’t cause symptoms in and of themselves. However, if the growth presses on other bones, nerves or other tissue, there may be pain. Symptoms usually begin with aching or stiffness that typically gets worse when walking, running or wearing shoes that put pressure on the area.


4.  They won’t get better on their own. Left untreated, toe spurs can lead to further problems. The pain will get worse and eventually stop you from functioning normally.


5.  Treatment is possible. There are many treatment options available to you. For instance:


Changing your footwear is often the first thing to try. If this isn’t possible, orthotics and pads may help relieve some pressure.

Alternating between applying heat and ice to the area and taking anti-inflammatory medications can reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

If other treatments don’t help, toe surgery may be necessary. A foot specialist will make a minimal incision in the skin and use a file to smooth the bone. You’ll be able to walk out of the podiatrist’s clinic right after the procedure, but you may need to wear a surgical shoe or boot for a few weeks after.


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