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" THANK YOU Dr. Russell for almost instantly taking pain away that I have suffered for four years! I had no idea I had Morton's Neuroma since I believed I had arthritis. I have had to wear flip flops if I intended to walk for more than a few minutes so in the winter months I could not go for a nice walk outside and looked ridiculous at work or shopping in a mall with flip flops! I am so relieved that I can now wear a sensible shoe for both. I can't believe how great my foot feels without any sign of pain and the orthotics Dr. Russell is having made for me will assist me further. Feet are so important and it’s great to have a brilliant doctor giving me advice at last. You also have a brilliant 'bedside manner'. Every member of staff at the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic are also fabulous to talk to, friendly and helpful. A patient feels like they are definitely in the right place for care. Thank You all again. You may be quite a drive away but I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. I shall also make an appointment for my daughter to visit. She needs your help too. "

- Jacqueline D.

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- Allie Bertram from ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’

" Dr. Russell helped my dancing toes! He has a wonderful staff and easily accommodated me for appointments at my convenience. My feet were looked after, and my dancing continued. Dr. Russell is very professional and was able to understand a dancer’s need to mend quickly and be able to put their feet into pointe shoes quickly. Thanks Dr. Russell, you’re the best. Allie B. "

- Allie Bertram from ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’


" After many years of suffering through ingrown toe nails on both big toes, cramming his painful and bleeding toes into ski boots for 6 months a year and a few failed attempts to remedy the situation, we were recommended to see Dr. Russell by a friend. She had just taken her son for the same procedure and so I felt it was time to try again, this time with a specialist.

My 13 year old son described feeling very nervous in the waiting room since he remembered the discomfort he experienced the last couple of times we tried to deal with this problem. It wasn’t until Dr. Russell put him at ease and was half-way through the procedure that he said, “If I ever have any toe problems again, you HAVE to bring me back here.”

Well, that spoke volumes to me and here he is now relieved that there is no more pain. Thanks to everyone in the office who treated my son with care and concern from the moment I booked the appointment to each follow up. You’ve got a great team!

Happy Mum

Maggie M.

PS: Of course my feet are in perfect condition but you can be sure that I will be making an appointment for my husband in the very near future. "


" The orthotics I purchased from Dr. Ian Russell has added quality to my life. Since I started to wear new orthotics, I no longer have knee pain. From the moment I walked into their office, Dr. Russell and his team were efficient, caring, and professional. I especially appreciated being given all the pertinent information required by my insurer and being able to just send it to them. I am recommending Dr. Russell and his team to many of my nursing friends. "

Sincerely yours,

Louise C


" I have put up with an ingrown toe nail for years. The last time it flared up I could barely touch the nail and surrounding skin so I went to Dr. Russell to see what could be done. I was going on a trip overseas and didn’t want this problem worsening or the toe getting infected during the trip. After a quick consultation, Dr. Russell froze my big toe, removed the sliver of the nail that was causing the problem and completed a procedure that will hopefully prevent any further problems.

I was advised to keep my foot up as much as possible for the rest of the day, which I did. As my toe started to unfreeze I took a pain killer and went to bed. I woke up the next morning – no pain. The throbbing of the ingrown nail was completely gone. I bathed my foot twice a day for two weeks, kept the toe covered to prevent infection and had regular checkups to ensure it was healing properly. I went to the gym on the third day after the procedure and went downhill skiing on the fourth day. I wish I had done this ages ago! "

- E. B.


" Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Ian Russell! I had plantar fasciitis in my left heel. After several months, my right knee was also hurting. Back pain was also becoming an ongoing concern. I googled plantar fasciitis and it eventually brought me to his website. It said immediate relief, so I contacted his office, made an appointment and explained that I also have mild scoliosis. 

So he did immediately relieve my pain with a cortisone shot. I was amazed how he immediately stopped the pain. I really did not realize how much the pain was negatively impacting my quality of life. I have thanked him in my mind hundreds of times since then. I even phoned his office to tell them how grateful I was for the immediate relief!

He recommended shoe inserts for the long term. Well, I just picked them up and here I am thanking him again over and over in my head. I have had orthotics before and no other podiatrist compensated for the slight height difference of my inserts, but he did. I am grateful that in the long term the orthotics will prevent future occurrences. I highly endorse his professionalism and efficiency with foot issues. I will recommend him to anyone who has foot problems.

Thank you again Dr. Russell. I feel better because you know your stuff! "

- Gianna B.


" I was plagued for many years with ingrown toe nails on both of my big toes. Along with this problem, the nails where thick and hard and where difficult to cut. I have being going to a podiatrist for over five years to have my nails cut. I would pay the fee and then go back in a few weeks to repeat the process. During these visits I was never informed of options to mitigate my toe nail problems.

About ten months after a change in my residency, I went to Dr. Ian Russell at the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic primarily because the Clinic was in the area that I moved too. After two visits to Dr. Russell he suggested that I consider toe nail removal for both of my big toes. Reluctantly at the time I said I would consider this procedure. At the next visit, Dr. Russell again suggested the procedure and I finally agreed to go ahead with it. He gave me an upfront total cost and scheduled me in. The procedure was completed with little pain. As with any operation, keeping the area clean and soaking with Epsom salt was needed. Included in the original price were clinic follow-ups during the healing process and as well his guarantee that if the nails grew back, he would repeat the procedure with no additional costs.

I found Dr. Russell and his staff to be very personable but very professional. I feel good about the procedure and I have not regretted having this done. I do not miss the pain of in grown toe nails and I would strongly recommend toe nail removal, as an option, if you have nail problems.

- Ian B.


My name is Laurie, and I have suffered with a painful condition on the bottom of my left foot for approximately 10 years, which was getting worse day by day. After doing some research, I thought I may be suffering from a neuroma. I was told to buy shoes with metatarsal support; this did help for some time, but I still could not walk in bare feet without having pain. I was at the point of buying shoes to wear even in my kitchen, because it was too painful to stand.

I heard about Dr. Russell’s treatments and decided to try it. The treatment is called Sclerotherapy; it is a local injection of an alcohol solution which is used to permanently numb the nerve. I have had four injections so far and feel that there is a huge improvement. I still have a thick feeling on the bottom of my foot, but the pain is gone. It gets better with each injection, and I cannot wait for the next to see how much more it will improve. The minimum number of injection is four, but may need to seven. These appointments are very fast, so they do not take much time out of your day. I cannot believe I could have my foot problem solved in as little as seven weeks! Since I have suffered for ten years, seven weeks is nothing!

Thanks so much to Dr. Russell and his wonderful team. "

- Laurie B.


" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Russell and his staff for the prompt, efficient and friendly service I recently experienced. It was with great trepidation that I phoned Dr. Russell’s office to make an appointment to deal with a painful, infected, in-grown toenail. The office staff was very friendly and efficient and the appointment was punctual! The toenail was surgically treated immediately upon my first visit and was done so expertly that there was no pain following the freezing and no pain medication was required.

A follow-up appointment was scheduled for the following day and once again, friendly, efficient and prompt service was provided, as was the appointment one week later! I am thoroughly impressed by the service provided and I highly recommend Dr. Russell! Thank you again! "

- J. T.


" Do you have a foot or toe problem? I did. Dr. Russell was recommended by my family doctor although you do not need a referral. I entered an inviting atmosphere with a very professional staff and the most modern equipment.

Almost a year later, I am so glad I have met Dr. Russell. I had surgery and no longer have a problem with my toe. All my questions, wonders and concerns were answered. Don’t wait, I’m glad I didn’t! "

- J. F.


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