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What to Consider When Comparing Custom Orthotics with Store-Bought Orthotics

If you suffer from foot, ankle or leg pain due to an injury, illness or foot deformity, you may already know that orthotic insoles can help relieve your discomfort. However, the products available at your local pharmacy may not be enough. In fact, to truly mitigate your pain, you may need custom orthotics prescribed to you by a Calgary foot doctor. Here’s what you should know.

When to Choose Custom Orthotics

Unlike store bought versions, custom orthotics are tailor made and specifically designed to address a range of issues, from flat feet to sports injuries.

When prescribing orthotics, our foot clinic’s podiatrist will take into account your feet, your gait, your activity level and the type of shoe you wear to create specially designed insoles for your feet. They tend to last longer than the over-the-counter insoles you can get in drugstores in Calgary, which typically need to be replaced every three to six months.

One of the many disadvantages of store-bought insoles is that they’re made to fit an average foot shape, which more than likely will not accommodate your foot perfectly. 

What to Expect When Being Fitted for Your Custom Orthotics

Wondering what happens in a podiatric evaluation for custom orthotics? Here’s how it works.

• Foot and gait exam. The podiatrist will determine the cause of your symptoms with a thorough examination of your foot as well as an analysis of how you walk.

• 3D digital foot scan. An advanced scanner is used to capture your foot in its natural, neutral position.

• Your orthotics are made. The scan is sent to a laboratory where skilled technicians use it to create orthotics designed specifically for your unique feet.

• Fitting and checkup. When we receive your orthotics, we’ll contact you for an appointment to make sure they fit and are comfortable to wear. A few weeks later, you’ll have a followup appointment to ensure that they’re perfect for you.

Custom Orthotics for the Whole Family

If you or a loved one has foot pain, there are options. Call Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic today to take the first step toward having healthy and pain-free feet.


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