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The Importance of Proper Footwear in Preventing Ingrown Toenails

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There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with pain in your feet. It disrupts your entire routine and makes everything uncomfortable. Even the smallest ingrown toenail can cause you major issues.

Unfortunately, around 5% of the Canadian population deals with this common problem every year. It doesn't have to be this way though! 

You can prevent this kind of pain by learning how to take care of your toenails. That all starts with picking the right shoes. Check out this guide for finding the right pair to promote toenail health! 

Stick With Wider Shoes 

It feels counter-intuitive to some but tight shoes can be the root of a lot of foot issues. While you don't want your shoes loose, you do want them to have a wider footprint. 

This wider footprint gives your toes room to move just a little bit. When they're squished for a long time, the nail can start to grow into the skin it's pressed against. That means you're more likely to have ingrown toenails that don't resolve on their own. 

Walk Around When Trying Shoes On

In a world of fast retail and online shopping, we can sometimes miss a crucial step in shoe shopping; trying on! 

Simply buying and going right into wearing a shoe throughout the day can be a big mistake. It's important to try them on and walk around a little bit to see how they're going to feel. You want them to feel snug but also like you can wiggle your toes a bit. Don't be afraid to take something back if it's not going to help your toes! 

Watch for Signs of Ingrown Toenails

Even the best shoes for your toes can end up causing problems over time. It's important to keep watch for signs of potential ingrown toenails. This way you can make a change before it's a full-blown problem with a lot of pain. 

Be on the lookout for inflammation and redness around the nail bed, especially on the big toe. This is the first sign that something is starting to go wrong. 

Keep Shoes and Feet Clean 

Getting a good pair of shoes is a great first step towards preventing ingrown toenails. There's more to do though! It's important to keep your feet and shoes as clean as possible. Also, be sure you're trimming your toenails straight across, so they grow in the right direction. The more you care for your feet, the less likely you are to have issues! 

How to Take Care of Your Toenails with the Right Shoes 

Learning how to take care of your toenails starts with finding the right shoes. When you wear the wrong shoes, it cancels out anything else you're doing to care for your feet. Most pain and discomfort start with what you're putting on your feet every day. 

Sometimes, it's not as easy of a fix as you'd like. When that's the case, it's important to head into a podiatrist for a check-up. 

At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we're dedicated to fostering good foot health. We work with patients to resolve all kinds of issues so they can walk on without any pain! If you're in foot pain in Calgary, schedule an appointment today! 


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