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Laser Pain Therapy 101

At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we use a wide range of approaches and technologies to help our patients manage pain and regain their full range of movement.

One of the many technologies we use in our foot health centre in Calgary is laser pain therapy. Here’s everything you need to know about this safe and effective treatment.


What is laser pain therapy?

Laser pain therapy delivers a light of a specific wavelength into damaged tissue to decrease swelling, relieve pain and induce healing. The laser works by increasing metabolic activity in the body’s cells, drawing nutrients and oxygen to the treated area to promote healing and reduce pain.


What are the benefits of laser pain therapy?

There are many reasons to choose laser pain therapy:


• It’s painless. Patients feel no discomfort during laser treatment, and some even enjoy the warm sensation they feel.


• Treatments are fast. Laser therapy appointments usually take no more than 10 minutes and you can resume your normal activities immediately after. While you may feel a difference right away, it can take a few treatments before obtaining noticeable results.


• There are no side effects. Health care providers have been using laser pain therapy for over two decades. 


• It’s supported by evidence. Researchers have conducted hundreds of controlled studies on the safety and efficacy of laser pain therapy. These have shown and documented that the treatment is both safe and effective for treating many different types of injuries and conditions.


• It can be combined with other treatments. Laser pain therapy can be used in conjunction with physical therapy, massage and many other complimentary treatments to speed up the healing process.


What can be treated with laser pain therapy?

Laser pain therapy can be used to treat many conditions that aren’t responding to other types of treatment. Here are some of the issues that can be treated this way:

• Plantar fasciitis

• Ligament sprains

• Heel spurs

• Morton’s neuroma

• Repetitive stress injuries

• Osteoarthritis

• Diabetic neuropathy


Visit a foot specialist in Calgary

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or any other painful foot issue, make an appointment with our podiatrist to find out if laser pain treatment is right for you. Call our foot health centre in Calgary today to make an appointment.



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