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Custom Orthotics: When to Consider Getting a Pair

Foot pain is enough to ruin just about anybody’s day. If you suffer from this type of discomfort, custom orthotics prescribed by a professional podiatrist in Calgary may be just what you need. Here are three situations in which custom insoles can be of benefit.

1. You Have Foot Pain or Injuries

Custom orthotic insoles can help in correcting improper foot mechanics and cushioning injuries that may be causing you pain. Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic’s podiatrists in Calgary can fit you with orthoses that will soothe your hurt feet and correct an assortment of problems. Here are some of the many issues that can be helped by our custom orthotics.

• Plantar fasciitis

• Fallen arches or flat feet

• Diabetes

• Tendonitis

• Incorrect heel positioning

2. You’re an Athlete

Because footwear isn’t designed to fit an individual’s unique feet, many athletes rely on custom orthotics to avoid muscle fatigue, prevent injury and improve their performance. Custom athletic insoles make sure that your foot is supported exactly the way it needs to be, lowering your risk of injury. Whether you’re a runner, tennis player, cyclist or other type of athlete, we can create an orthotic that addresses your foot shape and gait, and protects you from the injuries most common to your sport. 

3. You’re Worried About Your Kid’s Feet

While most children have feet that develop normally, your child may need orthotics if they have a combination of some the following symptoms:

• Walking with their toes pointing in or out

• No visible arch

• Walking on their toes or heels only

• Excessively wearing out one part of their shoes

• Stumbling and tripping over their own feet

• Avoiding physical activity like running, jumping and playing because of pain or fatigue

• Complaining of pain in their feet, legs or knees

If your child displays any of these signs, bring them to our podiatrist’s clinic in Calgary. Early intervention and the use custom orthotic insoles can save them from a lifetime of pain.

Expert Podiatry in Calgary

If you’re concerned about your feet, or those of your child, make an appointment with our podiatrist at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. We’ll examine yours or your child’s feet and legs, and if needed, prescribe the foot orthotics that will help keep feet pain free. Call us now to make an appointment.


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