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Although bunions may develop on the fifth (little) toe, they usually occur at the base of the big toe. Bunions are often caused by incorrect foot mechanics. The foot may flatten too much, forcing the toe joint to move beyond the normal range. In some cases, joint damage caused by arthritis or an injury produces a bunion. Furthermore, some people are born with a tendency to develop bunions. If you're at risk for developing a bunion, wearing high-heeled or poorly fitting shoes makes the problem worse.

Positional (mild) bunions arise from the growth of a new bone. Structural (severe) bunions result when the joint at the base of the toe shifts position. Many bunions are a combination of both types.

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Everyone was most kind and considerate

"Thank you Dr. Ian Russell and your staff for the excellent care I received during recent bunion type surgery. I was given detailed information as to what to expect during the procedure and post-op care. Everyone was most kind and considerate making office visits as pleasant as possible."


Thank you again,

Pauline M.

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Had a Positive Experience With My Bunion Surgery

"I had Doctor Russell perform bunion surgery on my left foot in May of 2011. When I made the decision to have the surgery, I was no longer able to find comfortable shoes and experienced a great deal of pain after exercising. I chose Dr. Russell after meeting with him and upon the recommendation of another podiatrist. I was very apprehensive about the procedure because I had heard from many acquaintances that the surgery was painful and that a long, difficult recovery period was inevitable.

My anxiety was further exasperated by the fact that I get nervous about having to attend to any medical procedure. Although I was anxious on the day of the surgery, I was given a mild sedative during the procedure and made to feel comfortable. I experienced no pain during the surgery and only minor discomfort for a week after. Because I was careful to follow post-operative instructions related to caring for my foot, I have had very little pain and I am well on my way to recovery.

I believe that a large part of the positive experience I had with my bunion surgery was due to Doctor Russell and his staff at the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. They were knowledgeable, professional and showed genuine concern for my well-being. I plan to have my other foot operated on in the next year and will return to the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic because I feel confident in their ability to perform the surgery, as well as advising me on how to do my part in achieving the best outcome."


-Lana H-M.

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