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Comfortable Premium Orthotics in Calgary

Orthotics can help you find relief from your foot pain. As when trying anything new, you may have found some issues with your orthotics. The biggest complaint we hear about orthotics is that they are too big and bulky. With the help of new technology, Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic now offers a premium version of orthotics in Calgary. Only available in a limited number of foot clinics across Alberta, these premium orthotics are crafted to meet the needs of every unique individual.


If you’re tired of bulky orthotics that don’t quite fit your feet, get in touch with Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic to learn more about our new, premium option.

Benefits of Premium Orthotics

After diagnosing the cause of your foot problems, we take a 3D digital foot scan that will pinpoint areas that need the most attention from your orthotics. Our premium orthotics can be made of several materials that allow for ideal customization compared to other orthotics. Reasons you should choose these orthotics in Calgary over more conventional options include:

  • Thickness: When made of certain materials, our premium orthotics in Calgary can be as thin as 1.5mm. That’s about the same thickness as a credit card!

  • Rigidity: Unlike materials used in standard orthotics, the materials used in these premium products can remain of the same thickness, no matter how rigid or flexible the orthotics need to be.

  • Versatility: Able to be flexed and bent without losing their shape or effectiveness, these orthotics can be worn for everything from sports to dancing. They are made of lightweight materials equally suited for athletic adults and young children.

  • Durability: Most orthotics are made of graphite or composites that, when bent, will eventually begin to crack and fail. Our premium orthotics are made of materials that allow for extreme flexibility, thinness, and durability.

  • Customizability: The manufacturers of our premium orthotics can add flexibility and rigidity to specific areas of your orthotics to meet the unique needs of your feet.

Every orthotic is designed to provide unrivalled results for all types of feet and foot pain.





Prescription Comfort™

Prescription Comfort™

Premium OTC

Premium OTC

Elite OTC

Elite OTC

Children’s OTC

Children’s OTC

Why Choose Custom Orthotics

While you may have seen orthotics at your local pharmacy, they won’t provide you the same support that a custom set can provide. Your feet and your pain are unique to you. With our 3D imaging system, we can pinpoint the exact areas your feet need the most help. Our custom orthotics are the best option for ensuring these points have the right rigidity and flexibility beneath them. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we believe choosing custom orthotics is the best way to reduce foot pain.

Contact Our Calgary Foot Clinic for Premium Orthotics

If you’re suffering from foot pain, orthotics might be the solution. Rather than choosing orthotics that are bulky or uncomfortable, you can rely on Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic for comfortable, custom orthotics in Calgary. Our premium line of orthotics is sure to help treat your foot conditions, such as tendonitis and lumbar pain.


Perfect for patients of any age, our orthotics will meet the needs of active young children and athletic adults alike. To learn more about our new orthotic option, please contact our Calgary foot clinic today.

Looking for Premium Support for Your Feet?

Try our premium orthotics, personalized to your specific needs.

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