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Laser Wart Treatment

Treatment for Plantar Warts – Experience What You Are Missing.

Treatment for Plantar Warts

Warts are skin growths on the top layer of skin caused by a viral infection. Warts are usually skin-coloured and feel rough to the touch, but they can also be dark, flat and smooth depending on where they are growing. There are several different types of warts, such as plantar or foot warts.

Plantar warts grow on the soles of the feet and tend to be bothersome and painful. To get rid of these painful growths, you need to visit a Podiatrist. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we offer laser wart removal in Calgary to help with pain reduction and to prevent the spread of warts.

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Who Needs Laser Wart Removal in Calgary?

Warts can develop on any person and on any area of the body because they are passed from person to person. Viruses that can cause warts are called human papillomavirus (HPV). As a virus, warts can be passed directly and indirectly. People tend to get warts depending on how often they are exposed to the virus. It is easier to catch the virus if your skin has been damaged in some way, such as a scratch. People with weakened immune systems are also more likely to become infected by the warts virus. 

Reasons you should get laser wart removal in Calgary include:

  • Pain and discomfort – Plantar warts tend to be especially painful because you are walking on them every day. If you experience pain from your warts, you should have them removed. 
  • Self-consciousness – Warts, especially on the hands, are often associated with anxious children, not working adults. If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed because of your warts, laser wart removal is a great option.

In children, warts tend to disappear on their own after several months or years. If you aren’t experiencing pain or discomfort associated with your warts, you don’t necessarily need laser wart removal; however, unsightly warts on your hands and feet can negatively impact your life.

The Most Effective Plantar Warts Treatment in Calgary

Currently, Dr. Ian G. Russell is one of the few Podiatrists in Alberta that has a Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL). Since one of his specialties is plantar wart treatment, he acquired a PDL as it is the safest and most effective method for treating warts bar none.

The Pulsed Dye Laser is considered the laser of choice for plantar wart treatment in Calgary because of its superior clinical effectiveness with few side effects and virtually no complications. The addition of dynamic cooling increases comfort. There are no needles and less discomfort versus other methods. This method allows quick return to physical activity – relatively pain free! The healthy surrounding tissue is unaffected and only the wart is destroyed! There is no scarring and no chance of infection.

Visit Us for Laser Wart Removal in Calgary

If you’re tired of feeling pain every time you take a step, don’t wait any longer to get rid of that wart. Call Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic today for the most advanced laser wart removal available in Calgary!


" Dear Dr. Russell,

The laser treatment you recommended and performed on the large plantar wart on my foot has been brilliant.

After just two treatments the wart is almost completely gone. I have battled for over ten years with it and nothing has worked until now.

I am also following your recommended treatment for extremely debilitating plantar fasciitis and that too is greatly improved. I also appreciate the time you took to explain all the treatment options.

You and staff are pleasant, professional, and a pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone with foot problems of any kind. "

 Many thanks,

- Donna F.


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