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Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Fungal Nails Laser Treatment

Fungal Nails

Onchomycosis, or nail fungus, is a condition that is present in about 10% of the world population. The fungus that causes this condition grows everywhere in the environment, so anyone can develop nail fungus problems. Higher risk candidates for this infection include those in poor health or aging individuals. Common symptoms include a yellowing or discoloration of the nail. Unsightliness and an odour are symptoms of nail fungus, while advanced infection results in a thick and brittle nail and separation of the nail from the nail bed. The result is pain while wearing shoes or walking.

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Laser Treatment: A Summary

Oral medication, topical drugs or laser are common treatments for nail fungus. GenesisPlus by Cutera is a safe and effective fungal nail laser treatment. It uses a Nd:YAG laser to treat toenail fungus, warts and scars. In a recent clinical study, 68% patients of laser treatment showed significant improvement in their nail fungus condition. Doctors who use Genesis Plus have attested to the fact that they have been able to treat patients effectively that have been suffering from nail fungus for years.

The Procedure and Its Effects

The laser kills the nail fungus by passing through the toenail and directly targeting the fungus. The treatment itself is relatively painless and only causes a warm feeling in the nail. A treatment session usually lasts 30 minutes, but treatment times can vary. While previous treatments for nail fungus have had limited efficacy, laser treatment is safe and effective, with no side effects.

The great news is that there is no recovery time following laser treatment. Immediately following treatment, you can resume all your normal activities. For results, the nail needs time to grow out. Your doctor will usually follow up with you a few weeks after the laser treatment. The number of treatments your condition requires is dependent upon the severity of your case and the number of digits affected by fungus. In eight to 10 weeks, you should start to see results in the form of a healthy nail.

Follow-Up Care

Because the fungus is present everywhere in the environment, there is a chance of recurrence of nail fungus. Good aftercare at home reduces the chance of reinfection.

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