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How To Spot A Clean Nail Salon

As relaxing as they can be, some nail salons aren’t clean enough and can leave you with infections or even nail fungus along with your beautifying treatment. Here’s how to tell that the only thing you’ll get at your local Calgary nail salon is time for yourself and beautiful finger and toenails.

The Salon Looks Clean. A clean and orderly salon is a good indication that they take hygiene seriously. Waiting areas and bathrooms should be neat and tidy and workstations should be washed after each client. Take a look at the nail technician as well. They should be wearing clean and professional clothes and should be paying careful attention while they work. 

They Don’t Reuse Single-Use Items. Nail files and buffers, foot files and wooden cuticle sticks should never be used on more than one client because their rough surfaces can’t be properly sterilized. In order to reduce waste, many nail salons offer these items to their clients after the service.

Metal Tools Are Sanitized. Metal tools like cuticle nippers, nail clippers and cuticle pushers must be properly sterilized after each use. The best way to do this is by using an autoclave, a device that uses high heat and steam to sterilize tools. Tools are placed in a plastic bag that changes colour when the process is complete. This bag should be opened in front of you, just before the tool is used.

Pay Special Attention To Pedicure Bowls

Because nail fungus is much more common on toenails than fingernails, it’s important to pay special attention when getting a pedicure. Before booking one, ask what type of footbaths the establishment uses. Choose a salon that uses stainless steel bowls that can be disinfected or that lines the tub with a single-use plastic liner.

Whirlpool pedicure baths may be relaxing, but they’re almost impossible to clean thoroughly. Bacteria, fungus and other germs can live in their pipes and jets and enter your skin or nails through microscopic cuts you didn’t even know you had.

Visit A Calgary Foot Doctor For Fungal Nails

If you were unlucky enough to contract a fungal nail infection after a pedicure, there is something to be done about it. Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic’s podiatrist uses a laser treatment to safely and effectively kill the fungus and leave your nails healthy in as little as eight to ten week. Call us today to find out more about the services we offer Calgary residents.


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