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A Podiatrist or a Nail Salon?

injured foot care from foot doctor in Calgary

Many people only think of visiting a podiatrist when they’re having a problem with their feet.


However, visiting a foot doctor in Calgary regularly can help keep your feet in perfect condition and prevent future problems. This is especially true if you have medical conditions that make foot health a concern.


What’s Involved?

A podiatrist doesn’t do pedicures, but they’ll make your feet look and feel better. They offer a range of services, including:

  • Safe callus and corn removal

  • Nail trimming and filing

  • Foot health check-up

These are all essential to keeping your feet healthy.


Who Can Benefit?

While not everyone needs to see a podiatrist for their foot care, extra care may be required in some cases:

  • People with diabetes are at a higher risk for foot issues than others. Regular visits to a foot health centre in Calgary will help ensure that your feet are in good health and reduce your risk for ulcers, nerve damage and infection.

  • Seniors can also benefit from podiatric foot care. Nails tend to thicken with age, often becoming difficult to cut and file without professional help.

  • Anyone who has or has had nail fungus can also have their nails and feet treated by a podiatrist. In addition to prescribing treatment, they can guarantee that the area is clean and won’t cause new infections.


Why Shouldn’t I Just Go to a Spa?

Most people think of a nail salon when they want to beautify their feet. This is a good option for many people but choose the location carefully. Many nail salons don’t offer their clients a sanitary and safe environment, and many help the spread of fungal infections.


When you visit a podiatrist for your foot care, you can be sure that the tools that are being used on your feet are sterile and safe and that there’s no risk of infection. If you do prefer to visit a nail salon, make sure they use an autoclave on their instruments, dispose of anything that can’t be sterilized and don’t use a whirlpool foot bath.


A Foot Doctor in Calgary When You Need One

If your feet need a little tender loving care, and you want the best treatment available, visit Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic in Calgary. We offer routine foot care, including nail trimming and callus removal, as well as more specialized services such as fungal nail treatment and ingrown nail care. Call us today to make your appointment.


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