Foot Care for winter activities in Calgary

Pro tips for taking care of your feet during winter sports and activities

It seems like common sense, but taking care of your feet during the winter months is extremely important. Feet are very sensitive to changes in temperatures and are very prone to injury if not treated properly, especially when playing outdoor activities this winter. At the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we like to ensure that all of our patients are properly cared for when the frost rolls in this coming season. Let our experts take you through the different ways you can protect and care for your feet when you play outside in the cold.

Wear proper socks

Winter sports often leave you shivering with you feet wet and cold. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to solve this problem. While it might not be necessary to go as far as to put on a pair of thermal socks (although it’s not a bad idea), be sure to wear regular socks that extend well above your ankle if you plan on being out on the ice or in the snow. Avoid trainer socks that could easily roll down beneath your ankle causing your heel to freeze. 

Switch up your footwear
The added warmth from wearing boots could potentially cause infections. It’s important to keep your winter footwear clean and to let it dry out before using it again. An easy way to address this problem is to have a few different pairs you can wear that you can cycle out to ensure that you never have to wear anything thing damp when you go out into the cold.

Size matters
Parents who are purchasing skates or ski boots for their young children might be tempted to go a few sizes too big so that they might use them for a few more seasons while they grow into them. While that might be a good idea for a jacket or a pair of snow pants, when it comes to footwear, size matters. A boot or skate that fits properly won’t cause blisters and other foot related injuries when enjoying winter activities this season.

Calgary foot doctors recommend you put your orthotics inside your ski boots too. This will make them more comfortable and will limit the risk of foot related injuries when going down the hill.

If you’re in Calgary and looking for a foot clinic to treat your injuries this winter, make an appointment at the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. Come visit our office and meet our friendly staff; let us show you why our practice is the perfect fit for you!