Winter Boots & Orthotics in Calgary

Tips on when to replace and how to buy the right winter boots

When buying new winter boots, it’s important to remember that you’re making an investment that will last at the very least the next two years. So it’s crucial that you check every detail to make sure they’re right for you, especially if you have chronic foot problems or use prescription orthotics. Here at the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, we do everything we can to ensure the proper care for your feet. Let our team of experts walk you through the process of buying new winter boots this season.

1. Determine when your boots need to be replaced

A good rule of thumb is to have your boots replaced roughly every 700 kms, or every 8 months of use (two winter seasons). There are other telltale signs that you need to have your boots replaced: if they start letting in moisture, if there are holes in the sole or if they simply don’t keep your feet warm anymore.

2.  Comfort and fit
If you have problems with your feet (chronic blisters, pain in the arch, etc.) it’s important to ensure that your winter boots are as comfortable as possible. When custom orthotics are necessary, make sure that they fit inside the boot before you buy. Look out for these 4 factors when fitting your boots:

  • Heel counter: this is the hard piece in the back of the boot. A strong heel counter will provide better support
  • Torsional stability: tests how easily the boot will twist. You should find a boot with a happy medium between firm and flexible.
  • Midfoot bend test: make sure your boot does not bend at the center.
  • Removable liners: these are easily replaced by custom orthotics and add to the versatility of your boot. 

3. Warmth

Warmth is an obvious necessity when it comes to deciding on which winter boots are right for you. Companies will often provide a temperature rating with their winter boots. When no rating is available, you can tell how warm a boot will be based on the material the lining is made out of (wool, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.).

4. Waterproofing

Where winter boots are concerned, podiatrists in Calgary always recommend they’re adequately waterproof to deal with the heavy snowfalls we experience in Canada. Be sure that the boots you intend to buy will keep your feet dry.

5. Beware of buying online

It’s difficult to know how a boot will feel when you decide to buy online. Be sure that any online retailer you do business with has a fair return policy should your boot not fit any of these criteria.

If you’re having chronic problems with pain in your feet, check out the services our foot specialists can offer at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic in Calgary. Come see what we can do for you!