A Calgary patient’s foot being sized for orthotics

What Happens When You Stop Wearing Your Orthotics

After wearing orthotics for a while and finding relief from their pain, some people think they don't need to continue wearing them. However, in most cases, orthotics are meant to be worn permanently because they correct the function of your foot, but not the foot itself.

How Orthotics Work

Just like an optometrist cannot fix your eyes but can provide you with corrective lenses, a foot specialist cannot change the misaligned structures of your foot but can provide you with custom orthotics to bring them into alignment. Misalignment issues often cause an imbalance in the way that weight is distributed throughout the foot, putting excess stress on foot structures such as the heel, the arch, or the ball. Foot orthotics contour the foot in such a way that the entire foot is involved in supporting the body. This helps your feet absorb shock and hold weight every time they make contact with the ground, thus reducing stress and pain. If you stop wearing your orthotics, then the same issues that made you wear them in the first place will still be present and the pain will return. Thankfully, orthotics are easy to wear. Just slip them into your shoes and you're good to go.

What to Do If Your Orthotics Are Uncomfortable

If you find your orthotics to be painful or uncomfortable, then it is important that you visit a Calgary foot clinic such as Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. A podiatrist will be able to determine what is causing your pain and adjust your orthotics accordingly if need be. For more info on this, read our blog about Why Your Orthotics May be Causing You Pain.

Even if your orthotics do feel comfortable, it is best to have them checked by a podiatrist on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. Your orthotics will need to be replaced roughly every three to five years in order to keep providing you with the same pain-relieving benefits.

Our Foot Clinic in Calgary

If you’re in Calgary and think you may need new orthotics, then we encourage you to visit Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic to get your individualized orthotic solution. By taking 3D impressions of your feet and performing a complete biomechanical assessment, we will be able to ensure that your orthotics are perfectly fitted, comfortable, and capable of providing you with significant pain relief.

To schedule an appointment with our experienced Calgary podiatrist, just contact Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic today.