Orthotics shoes for Circuit Training in Calgary Alberta

Wearing the Right Shoes for Your Circuit Training? Orthotics from Our Calgary Foot Clinic Will Help.

Circuit training is a high-intensity workout that conditions your body, strengthens your muscles, and boosts endurance. During each circuit, you are completing a substantial number of exercises in a short timeframe. That means your body needs to work hard, and it requires adequate support. The kind of support that custom orthotics provides.

While you may wear a great outfit to the gym, how much time did you put into your circuit training shoes? Athletic shoes are by no means a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you need a shoe geared for high-intensity training and a good fit for your body.

Running Shoes are Not Ideal for Circuit Training, Especially without Orthotics

Running shoes offer excellent heel and ankle support; if you are running. However, they are designed for heel-to-toe motion. For circuit training, you need a cross-trainer shoe. Cross-trainers are designed for side-to-side movements and massive impact on hard surfaces.

Now that you know the type of shoe, the next part is the perfect fit. You can ensure you have a good fit to your cross-trainers by:

  • Ensuring Toe Space: The ideal cross-trainer will have a half inch to 5/8-inch space from the end of your longest toe to the tip of the shoe. 
  • Ensuring Heel Space: While you need a solid fit, you do not want a shoe that is too tight on the heel. A shoe that fits too short will cause excess pressure on the back of your heels and often lead to blisters.
  • Finding a Shoe Shape to Match Your Foot Shape: There are different shapes for training shoes. While you might find a shoe with a great colour, the shape is what determines how much support you get from that shoe. Look for a shoe that meets the curvature of your feet and almost fits with a glove-like feel.
  • Examining Stability: Even though the shoe might be advertised for maximum stability, stability depends on the user. Squeeze the sides of the heel counter on the shoe. If it resists compression and cannot easily twist from heel-to-toe, then it is a stable support.

Improve the Support of Your Circuit Training Shoe with Orthotics in Calgary

Every foot is unique, including yours. You may have a higher arch, or you just need an extra cushion to reduce shock and tension on your joints. Custom orthotics are ideal for workout shoes, especially high-intensity workouts. With a well-fitted orthotic, you can handle the high knees, endless burpees, and random planks that burn those calories without harming your spine.

Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic can help design custom orthotics in our Calgary location to reduce injury, provide you with stability, and give you the ankle support you need for your workout.

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