Using Orthotics During Pregnancy

A woman's body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy, such as to how she walks and how her feet make contact with the ground. Many women experience significant foot pain and changes to their feet that don't necessarily return to normal after giving birth. Unfortunately, foot pain during pregnancy is often inadequately addressed or not addressed at all.

This tendency to overlook foot pain during pregnancy is unfortunate, especially because many women can stand to find relief by trying custom orthotics from a Calgary podiatrist office such as Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. To understand why orthotics may help, let's first take a look at why foot pain develops in pregnancy.

Why Does Pregnancy Cause Foot Pain?

There are a number of factors which contribute to foot pain during pregnancy, and different women experience them to different degrees.

Foot pain can begin as early as in the first three months, when the placenta begins to produce a hormone known as relaxin. Relaxin is important because it contributes to the relaxing of the pelvis ligaments, but it also unfortunately effects the feet as well, potentially causing them to lengthen and widen. For women who have pre-existing structural or mechanical problems, this can cause considerable pain.

As the pregnancy develops and a woman begins to gain more weight, it can cause the arch of the foot to flatten out and the feet to roll inwards (often referred to as over-pronation), further adding stress to the feet. Furthermore, near the end of their pregnancies, many women begin to experience swelling of the feet. This is because the uterus, which has grown significantly in size, puts extra pressure on the blood vessels of the pelvis and the legs, causing more blood to accumulate in the feet.

How Can Custom Foot Orthotics Help?

Choosing to get custom orthotics from a Calgary podiatrist during pregnancy can definitely help alleviate foot pain for many women. The extra support provided by orthotics can prevent or correct over-pronation while at the same time taking the stress and pressure off the foot's relaxed ligaments. Wearing orthotics early on in pregnancy may even prevent the foot from widening and lengthening from the extra weight gain.

Not all women experience foot pain during pregnancy, but there are certain risk factors that signify a visit to a podiatrist may be a good idea early on. You may be more at risk if you already experience structural and functional foot problems, if you have experienced foot pain during a prior pregnancy, or if your female relatives have a history of foot pain during pregnancy.

Custom Orthotics in Calgary Designed Just for You

If you're interested in learning more about how custom foot orthotics from Calgary's Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic may be able to help relieve pain and pressure on your feet during pregnancy, then don't hesitate to call or book your appointment with us today.

Foot pain during pregnancy does not have to be an inevitability, and it's time for more women to learn about effective solutions to this commonly overlooked problem.