A foot being massaged by a Calgary podiatrist

The Benefits of a Foot Massage

Many people enjoy getting a massage as part of a spa experience, to relieve pain or simply to relax. While you may automatically think of your back and shoulders when it comes to massages, a foot massage can be of great benefit, especially if you have a foot condition or work a job that requires you to be on your feet. Patients of our Calgary podiatrist often report that a foot massage helps alleviate some of the symptoms associated with their foot conditions. Here are some of the benefits of getting a foot massage.


Studies have shown that foot massages help with relaxation. Even a short massage of just five minutes can relieve tension and stress. Whether you rub your own feet or have someone else do it for you, a foot massage can be an excellent end to a stressful day. If you commonly experience anxiety or have a stressful job, a short foot massage will help you relax.

Pain Relief

If you have a painful foot condition or are on your feet all day, you might experience foot pain on a daily basis. A good foot massage can provide a lot of relief. Some studies have even shown foot massages can help with overall pain relief, helping post-surgery patients to increase their overall sense of wellness. Foot massages have also been found to relieve leg swelling in pregnant women— something to consider if you’re expecting!

Better Skin Health

The oils and lotions used during foot massages can improve the condition of the skin on your feet. Choose foot lotions that’ll moisturize dry, cracked skin and help soften calluses while leaving your feet feeling clean and refreshed.

Improved Circulation

If your feet are always cold, a foot massage is an excellent way to get some blood flowing to your feet and warm them up. Those who have or are at risk for diabetes can often have poor blood circulation to their feet, so a foot massage can aid with foot symptoms associated with diabetes. If you’re at risk, our foot clinic in Calgary can also give you advice on diabetic foot care.

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