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Step into spring: 5 things you should do every spring to keep your feet healthy and happy

Spring is the time of year when we put away the old and start preparing for the new. The same goes for taking care of your feet. Here are five things you should do every spring to keep your feet healthy and happy.

1. Get the right shoes

Spring is the perfect time to reassess your running shoes. As you take them out to take advantage of the good weather, check to be sure that they’re still offering you the support you need. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself and needing to go to a Calgary foot clinic. Exactly how long shoes will last will depend on the kind of shoe you have and how frequently you use them. If you only go running a couple of times a week, you can count on replacing your shoes at least once a year.

2. Are your orthotics ready?

Just as you need to check your shoes, you should clean and examine any orthotics you’ve already been prescribed by your Calgary foot doctors. If they look worn down, they’re not offering as much support as they used to, or you’re planning to start a new kind of activity in your life it’s time to replace them. If you plan on starting a garden this summer, for example, be sure to check with your doctor to determine if you need a new orthotics to do it comfortably.

3. Beach-ready toenails
Spring is the time when everyone in Calgary can come out of hiding. What’s more, with beach sandals and open-toed shoes, our toes also come out to see the sunshine. Nothing ruins the fun quicker than fungal nails. If your nails are discoloured, cracked or crumbling, you may have a fungus. Visit your local Calgary foot doctors to find out how you can make your toes beach-ready.

4. Pedicure 101
Getting a pedicure is another great springtime activity. Be sure, however, that you’re doing it safely. Check out our blog on pedicure basics so you can know if your pedicurist is being sanitary and giving your feet the best treatment.

5. Start examining your feet weekly
There’s no better time than the spring to start treating your feet right, which means regular self-exams to make sure there are no developing problems. It’s easy to give yourself a quick check as you get out of the shower. As you dry yourself off, be sure there’s no scaling or peeling skin on your soles or between your feet. These could be signs of athlete’s foot. Similarly, check your nails for any discolouration so you know if you may need a nail fungus treatment from your podiatrist in Calgary.

The best way to know if your feet are ready for spring is to visit your foot doctors. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we offer orthotics, nail fungus treatment, Shockwave therapy, and a host of other services in the Calgary area. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.