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Rock Climbing Shoes for People with Morton’s Toe

We’re always looking for ways to stay fit and have fun. Rock climbing is great exercise that doesn’t require you to go do repetitive workouts at a gym. Maybe that’s why it’s such a popular activity in Calgary. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we like to help our patients stay active while also protecting their feet from the inevitable stress and strain of an active lifestyle.

Although rock climbing is a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous if you don’t have the right gear. Did you know, for example, that people with Morton’s Toe need to take a little more care than others when picking out the correct rock-climbing shoe? It’s true! Having the right gear is essential to safely staying in shape and it’s within everyone’s reach when they’re armed with a little knowledge beforehand.

What is Morton’s Toe?

If the toe next to your big toe is longer than the big toe itself, that means you have Morton’s Toe. It’s a relatively common condition that can have significant repercussions on your life. The big toe is an important element of how we walk and how weight is distributed across our feet. If your second toe is longer than your big toe, however, it may be taking a larger role in your walking than it is capable to sustaining. Depending on how active their lifestyle is, people with Morton’s Toe can develop different kinds of pains in their feet. If your Morton’s Toe is affecting your gait or causing you pain, be sure to see a foot doctor in Calgary as soon as possible.

Besides the potential pain Morton’s Toe can cause, when it comes to picking out specialty shoes, like rock-climbing shoes, people with Morton’s Toe are also faced with more limited choices.

Are There Shoes That are Made for People with Morton’s Toe?

Having the right shoes is essential for rock climbing. Advances in so-called “sticky rubber” have made these shoes able to cling onto surfaces that would have been impossible to climb before. In order to get up these sheer cliffs, you also need to find very narrow footholds and place a lot of weight on your toes. Many climbing shoes are now made to fit tightly to your foot to decrease friction and help you find smaller footholds. Tight fitting, non-customized shoes can be a problem, however, if you have Morton’s Toe. Luckily, there are options available that work for people with less common foot-shapes. For example, the Evolve Demorto Rock Shoes have an evenly rounded toe that allow for many different foot-shapes.

If you’re thinking of starting a new activity but have a hereditary feature that could complicate your safely attempting the activity, contact your podiatrist in Calgary before you begin. At Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, we can fit you with custom orthotics that help give you support in any shoe. We can also give you advice on how best to safely go about your active lifestyle. Contact us today to find out how we can help.