Skiers on hill in winter

Innovative and Cost-Effective Orthotics in Calgary to Improve Winter Fun

A common misconception about orthotics is that one insole fits all shoes. However, every foot support is constructed differently depending on the type of activity and your specific foot imbalance. This also applies to ski boots and figure skates, which are both very different and are customized using materials and ground into different shapes.

  • As you ski, your body weight is shifted forward, which increases pressure on the forefoot and requires your knees to work harder. 
  • Edging, which controls your direction and speed, puts strain on your ankle as you flex your knees and hips. 
  • Placing an overpronated foot (where the inside part of your foot and arch bear the majority of your weight with each step) in a tight ski boot can flatten the arch of your foot. This can prevent you from maintaining a stable position without overloading the core muscles. 
  • Ultimately, this can affect your ski technique and result in foot and knee pain or injury. 
  • In ice skating, if your foot is excessively overpronated or underpronated (where the outer edge of the foot bears most of your weight), you can strain the musculature of the leg while trying to keep your balance and stability. 
  • With overpronation, you risk overusing the tibialis posterior muscle and with underpronation, you may tend to overuse the peroneal muscle group.

Speciality Orthotics Will Help Reduce Injuries During Winter Sports

Winter sports can cause a number of foot problems, such as blisters, sprains, frostbite, neuromas, and more, which is why it’s important to properly support your feet. Your custom orthotics in Calgary for ski boots are typically designed with full-contact EVA material, which effectively keeps the heat in and can control excessive foot movement without any ridges. It also helps prevent compression of the longitudinal arch and ensures proper give and fit.

Skate orthotics are usually made with a low-profile carbon fiber shell, which can be posted or tilted outwards to help a skater balance on the blade. Not only does this lightly perforated material help promote breathability and protect your feet from rivets, but it can also reduce overpronation and improve your performance.

Complete Foot Pain Relief with Customized Orthotics in Calgary 

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort while you ski or skate, or require more information about enhancing your winter sport performance, visit your local foot specialist at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic. We will fit you with orthotics that are unique to your feet and specially designed to alleviate foot, ankle, leg, or back problems. All our staff members are highly trained to deliver the best possible foot care for your individual case. We also invest in our patient care by providing state-of-the-art equipment, including our own on-site digital x-ray, lasers and premier surgical suite.

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