Knee Pain from Running in Calgary

How ankle problems can cause knee pain and what you should do about it

The ankle is one of the most important and complicated joints in the body. With all those moving parts, however, a lot can go wrong in sometimes surprising ways. If you have knee pain without having injured your knee, it’s possible that it’s an effect of an ankle problem.

How can the ankle cause knee pain?

Although each part of the human body is complicated in its own way, it’s also part of a whole. When running, jumping, or even walking, the human body typically makes contact with the ground through the feet. The feet and ankles receive the impact of this movement first and most forcefully, but the effects don’t stop there. The impact continues up the leg and into the knee and hip, potentially causing damage. Furthermore, arch problems or flat feet tend can increase the effects of walking impact on your feet and therefore the rest of your body.

The ankle and knee are physically connected in several ways. Tendons, flexible cords that keep bones together but also allow them to move relative to one another, for example, connect your ankle with the knee. If the tendon in your ankle is damaged, your knee may move differently to compensate for the change in how you walk, leading to problems in the knee despite no obvious injury to it. A history of sprained ankles (when your ankle overextends, damaging the tendon) may permanently change how you walk and cause stress on otherwise healthy knees.

What can I do to treat knee pain?

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to effectively treat and prevent knee and ankle pain. First and foremost, take ankle injuries seriously. Although much of the time there will be no lasting problem associated with a sprained ankle, many people return to regular physical activity as soon as the pain stops, but before the ankle has fully healed. Repeated sprains can lead to serious problems over the years. Secondly, more and more podiatrists in Calgary are offering orthotics to help you prevent ankle problems. Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that help properly support your feet during your daily activities.

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