Orthotics can help runners in Calgary, Alberta

How Using Orthotics for Running Could Benefit You

You would think that humans, being the bipedal creatures that they are, would be well-adapted to walking and running. On the contrary, however, our bipedal mode of movement is actually fairly new when one considers the evolutionary timeline, and this newness is evident in just how much foot, knee, and back pain human beings experience.

Lower-body issues become even more pronounced in runners, as only a minority of people can actually run with a running pattern that allows their foot to properly absorb shock. Other runners have to contend with either overpronation (when the arc flattens and the foot rolls too much inwards) or underpronation (when the foot doesn't turn enough).

Overpronation and underpronation can bring foot joints out of alignment. Furthermore, when the structural function of the foot is compromised, the job of keeping balanced and upright falls on the muscles of the feet and legs, which can become strained over time. If overpronation or underpronation is severe and left unaddressed, it can lead to injury, blisters, chronic pain, shin splints, and even discrepancies in leg length.

Many runners assume that better (and often much more expensive) running shoes should be able to solve their foot, ankle, and leg problems. The problem with running shoes, however, is that they are more often made to conform to the shape of the foot rather than to offer any real support. If you are experiencing problems when running, a more expensive shoe probably won't do much to solve it.

Your best bet at not having to give up running and offering your feet the support they need is to invest in a quality pair of custom foot orthotics from a Calgary podiatrist. Unlike the typical running shoe, orthotics are created specifically to give your foot the support it needs every time it strikes the ground.

Custom orthotics work so well because they are specifically molded to your foot. Slip-in, over-the-counter foot orthotics might do the trick for some people, but runners in particular require very accurate adjustment to the angles of their feet, or they risk developing repetition injuries.

A quality pair of custom orthotics will not only last you for many years, but will ensure that you get to keep passionately pursuing your running practice. They will help you prevent injuries and alleviate existing pressures on your feet.

Custom Foot Orthotics for Runners in Calgary

Custom foot orthotics from Calgary's Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic can provide you with greater comfort when running, ankle support, a better posture, lumbar relief, and a safer overall running experience. Just slide them into your favorite pair of running shoes and you'll be good to go!

At the Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic we understand that you shouldn't have to consider giving up running because your feet are misaligned. Many people who have the same problem have found relief by using our custom orthotics.

If you're looking for orthotics in Calgary to aid in your running practice, then don't wait to get in touch with Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic to see how we can help you.