A diagram indicating the difference in foot prints left by an arched foot vs a flat foot

How to Choose The Right Shoes for Flat Feet

Having flat feet is a common foot problem. It was once believed that flat feet were a sign of bad athletic performance, with people being rejected for military service for having no arches. Now we know that having flat feet doesn’t affect performance in sports, but they can still cause pain or discomfort. Those with flat feet should take care to choose supportive shoes in order to prevent pain. When looking for footwear, here are some things you can do to make sure you’re choosing the best shoes for your flat feet.

Use Custom Made Orthotics


Arches provide an important function in distributing weight and preventing problems with pronation, or the natural motion of your foot as it hits the ground. People with flat feet tend to overpronate, meaning their feet roll inward as they walk. Arch supports help prevent this. Some shoes come with built-in arch supports, but for ones that are flat or have insufficient support, arch support inserts can be useful. We also recommend custom made orthotics (available through our Calgary clinic), which can be tailored to fit flat feet and other specific needs.

Wear Stability Runners


Most athletic brands make running shoes specialized for stability. These shoes are built to control overpronation, provide extra cushioning and support your heel and ankle as you walk and run. Many are also compatible with over-the-counter arch supports, in case you need a little more than the shoe offers.

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