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Does my child have flat feet?

When you’re a parent, you want your children to be safe and healthy from head to toe. Making sure your child’s development goes as it should requires you to keep an eye out for all your child’s behaviours, including the way he or she walks. If your child is experiencing any pain while walking for no obvious reason, it might be due to flat feet.

What are flat feet, anyway?

Flat feet mean pretty much what they sound like. It refers to people whose feet do not develop arches, or the little gap between your foot and the ground when you stand up. Most babies are actually born flat footed. The arch only develops at around six years old. For some people, however, the arch never develops. This may be from a developmental problem, a genetic issue, or the result of trauma to the feet. If, when your child is standing up, his or her feet are flat against the ground, this is almost certainly a sign of flat feet.

People with flat feet take all the impact of walking into their foot without the cushioning effect that the arch provides. Most people who have flat feet have what professionals refer to as “flexible flat feet” and they experience no real adverse effects from the condition. If your child has “rigid flat feet,” however, this may cause great pain when walking.

If you suspect your child of having flat feet, you should consult a podiatrist at a Calgary foot clinic before taking any corrective measures.

How can I help my child?
Most people’s flat feet do not present a significant problem in their life, unless there’s another, more serious problem to exacerbate them. For those people who do have the type of flat-footedness that is painful, however, there are still many options that can help your child lead a perfectly normal life. Perhaps the easiest of these options is to get custom orthotics from your local Calgary podiatrist. Orthotics usually take the form of inserts you can place in your child’s shoes that correct how he or she walks. Left untreated, foot problems can lead to long term stress damage when your child is an adult.

If you suspect your child has flat feet or are interested in finding out more about orthotics options available to you in the Calgary area, contact us at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic today.