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Are Your Foot Problems Causing Your Back Aches? Orthotics Might be the Solution

When your back aches, you assume that you overworked the back muscles or possibly strained them. After all, why would you assume your feet would have anything to do with your chronic back pain?

Interestingly enough, those small aches and pains plaguing your back could be caused by your feet. Even though your back is not directly attached to your feet, the two are still connected through a series of fibres, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When your feet are not getting the support they need, the impact is seen on your spine.

What Structural Weaknesses Lead to Chronic Lumbar Problems?

Most chronic back pain sufferers have a fundamental weakness in their lower extremities. So, when you walk, stand, or run, you are adding stress to your lumbar spine. Common conditions that cause back pain originate from your feet because of:

• Biomechanical issues
• Tissue weaknesses
• Excessive external loads
• Structural asymmetry issues

Your feet are your body’s foundation. Many foot conditions work their way up the kinetic chain and cause back pain as a result.

How Orthotics from Your Calgary Foot Care Clinic will Alleviate Chronic Back Pain

While the issue is your feet, that does not mean you are without options for back pain relief. In fact, chronic back pain might be relieved using orthotics. Orthotics help reduce excessive biomechanical forces and provide you with the support you need to thwart external forces.

Here are some ways custom orthotics crafted by our Calgary foot care clinic will relieve your back pain:

• Pronation or Arch Collapse: If you have an excessive pronation or arch collapse, the energy produced stresses your hips, pelvis, and lower back. This eventually turns into excess force on your lumbar spine joints. A custom orthotic decreases the external forces; eventually relieving back stress and pain.
• Heel Strike Forces: The external forces of your heel strike could aggravate or increase pre-existing conditions in your lower back. With a shock-absorbing custom orthotic, you can reduce that external force.

Finding the Right Orthotics in Calgary Requires a Professional’s Help
Orthotics must be measured precisely to fit your feet, but also help alleviate the conditions causing your chronic back pain.

If you suspect that your back problem is caused by your feet getting fitted for orthotics could help.

The team at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic can help. We offer custom orthotics that support your feet, realign your hips and pelvis, and reduce lower back pain.

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